I&I Foods by Jus Chill, Inc.

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We produce, market and sell GPG products using superfoods, like Breadfruits, to expand mainstream retail options while reducing climate change impact. We target the market segment that wants every dollar spent to have a positive impact on the producers and suppliers. In return, we deliver high quality products without the BS.

Our current product lines include Breadfruit Chips, Breadfruit Muffin/Cake Mix, and Breadfruit Pancake/Waffle Mix. All our products are naturally gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian, and made with only simple ingredients you can pronounce easily!

Industry: Food & Beverage

Categories: Packaged Food and Beverage Products

BIPOC Designation:

Additional Details

  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Area(s) of Operation: All Colorado, Other States, Nationwide
  • Full-time Employees: 1-5
  • Part-time Employees: 1-5
  • Seasonal Employees: 1-5
  • NAICS Number: 424450
  • Structure: C-Corp