Fritay Haitian Cuisine LLC

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Fritay Haitian Cuisine is the first Haitian mobile restaurant bringing bold exciting flavors of Haiti to the Denver Metro Area. Come experience our bold and delicious Haitian street food and catering services; your palate will fall in love with our spices, herbs and slow cooking process.

“I was born and raised in Haiti. My love and passion for good food has been my muse since I was a teenager. It fuels my desire to cook delicious Haitian meals for the people of Denver.

My dream is to make Fritay a reputable brand that provides an opportunity to truly experience the authentic flavors of my rich culinary heritage. “

Owner, Farah-Jane Jean Pierre

Industry: Food & Beverage

Categories: Catering; Food Truck

BIPOC Designation:

Additional Details

  • Area(s) of Operation: Denver Metro
  • NAICS Number: 722330
  • Structure: LLC