Soul Tribe Yoga Collective

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Soul Tribe Yoga Collective is an online yoga studio created exclusively for individuals experiencing the impacts of chronic illness. Our live online classes are designed to support those who struggle with daily symptoms that prevent them from being able to access most activities.

Our community of beautiful and resilient students experience numerous benefits from practicing our specialized style of yoga that gently targets many of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and energetic issues caused by chronic conditions such as Lyme disease, Long COVID, fibromyalgia, and dysautonomia.

Students from across the country join online Private Sessions and Group Classes from the comfort of their homes, and together, we flow through carefully curated yoga-based techniques. Through our practice, we find healing, strength, community, and support.

Visit to learn more and sign up for your first Private Session or Group Class! We would love to have your presence and we hope to see you soon!

Industry: Health, Wellness & Personal Care

Categories: Alternative Medicine; Yoga

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Additional Details

  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Area(s) of Operation: Northern Colorado, Nationwide
  • Full-time Employees: 1-5
  • NAICS Number: 713940
  • Structure: LLC
  • Certification(s): Other